Bathroom Renovations: Tips for Successful Remodeling

At Jolie Design & Build, we stand as the premier choice for bathroom renovations and remodeling in Toronto, and for good reason. Our comprehensive approach includes providing a wide array of bathroom supplies and accessories, all competitively priced. What's more, we procure materials and equipment from top Canadian brands, backed by decades of industry experience.

Our philosophy towards bathroom renovations revolves around a delicate balance of aesthetics and functionality. Take, for instance, the incorporation of a double vanity, which greatly enhances convenience in smaller bathrooms, especially for multiple users. Similarly, selecting the right floor tile sets the tone for the entire space, whether aiming for a sleek, modern look or a cozy, traditional ambiance.

We pay close attention to light fixtures and window treatments to create a welcoming, well-lit atmosphere, elevating the visual appeal of your bathroom design. Thoughtful placement of features like pedestal sinks or recessed medicine cabinets optimizes space while maintaining a clean, uncluttered layout.

A rising trend in Toronto is the adoption of walk-in showers with customizable shower heads, adding a touch of luxury to your bathing experience. Incorporating wall tiles with distinctive patterns or textures adds personality to your bathroom, transforming it into a contemporary sanctuary.

Every detail matters, from towel bars to fixtures, in realizing your ideal bathroom. Whether it's a freestanding tub for a classic charm or a shower curtain boasting bold patterns for a modern flair, we ensure seamless coordination to achieve a fresh, cohesive look for your bathroom renovation.